Our Focus is On Your Career Development

We believe in relationships, not transactions. Whether you're looking to make an immediate transition, or seeking a longer-term partnership, our goal is to provide you with the career support and market insight you need to make the very best professional decisions. To that end, we have developed a step-by-step process to guide you through exploring new professional opportunities.


Career Assessment Meeting
Our Career Assessment Meeting begins the exploration process. By carefully examining your past experiences with work environments, organizational structures, assignment systems, client types, practice preferences, training and mentor relationships, we gain further insight into your work style and preferences.  


Opportunity Evaluation & Screening
Together, we will identify employment options that meet your desired criteria and discuss how those options are suited to your short- and long-term career goals. We can offer meaningful history, perspective and insight on an organization’s clients, practice, growth trajectory and culture, enabling you to make more educated decisions. Once you have finalized your selections, then, and only then, will we prepare and submit your application to each of your chosen employers.


Application Preparation
We craft professional resumes, cover letters, business plans and other supporting materials that prospective employers notice. Our consultants have raised the preparation of the job application to an art form.


Interview Training Preparation
Haven't interviewed since OCI? No problem. We've developed a proprietary interview training model that will get anybody who has ever struggled with the interview up to speed. We bring the experience and insight from conducting literally thousands of interview training sessions for lawyers and we provide honest feedback. Our goal is for you to find your professional voice, and we're there to assist you at every step of the way.


Post-Interview Assessment
We "debrief" following each interview. Your consultant will endeavor to secure feedback from the organization as soon as practicable and share it with you.


Offer Facilitation & Evaluation
Our consultants have the knowledge and business acumen to put forth your interests throughout the negotiation process, and to help you evaluate among one or more offers. We give you the access, time and guidance you need. The final choice is yours, but you don't need to feel alone in making it.

We are keenly committed to your orientation and integration in the organization, and will partner with you to facilitate your successful transition. Turn to us throughout your career for insight, support and advice.