At The Intersection Of Your Goals And Our Knowledge Lies The Ultimate Hire

Since launching our organization, we have been consistently sought out by companies within the private sector to assist with strategic growth efforts. As a result, we have built out an impressive roster of corporate clients, including global Fortune 500 companies, public and private asset management funds, risk management companies, international investment funds, not-for-profit organizations, and institutions of higher education. As testament to our successful placements, our past clients return to us when they have additional legal positions to fill as well as serve as a valuable referral source for new opportunities. Our unique and comprehensive search process includes:


Getting to Know You.  In-depth introductory conversations and ongoing dialogue with hiring professionals and relevant business team members.


Leveraging Our Network. Utilizing our vast network of market leaders and top talent to identify qualified candidates.

Telling Your Story.  Crafting a compelling message and using discretion when sharing it in
the market.


The Vetting Process. Disciplined in-person screening of candidates by seasoned members of our organization to ensure submission of only the highest-caliber applicants.


The Reveal.  Comprehensive presentation of candidate slate, including meaningful analysis of each candidate against key selection criteria.


Closing the Deal. Efficiency in conducting and managing the interview process, candidate evaluation, and formulation of offers to ensure a successful search.


How Are We Doing. Commitment to maintaining an ongoing dialogue at every stage of the process so that our organization meets, and hopefully exceeds, your expectations.

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