Move To Singapore (Not As Crazy As It Sounds) And Be The Next Funds Partner At A Thriving Am Law 50 Law Firm

If you are an ambitious funds attorney with 3+ years of experience and an appreciation for what life abroad can look like, learn more about this opportunity.  We spoke with an impressive funds partner who started the Singapore office of an AmLaw 50 law firm.  His business is thriving and he is being encouraged to groom and promote an attorney to partner as a result.  He has a track record for loyalty among his attorneys and has the ears of firm management - his office is being given the resources it needs to grow.  The client base and day to day workflow is diverse - work for sponsors setting up funds, institutional investors investing in funds, range of unique transactions in secondary market.  The office it tight-knit and made up of socially smart individuals who have come from other strong firms and they are firing on all cylinders such that it is the most successful office in the area.  This is a rare opportunity.

And before you discount Singapore, learn about it.  For families, there is no safer place for children, the education is excellent and home care is reasonable and routine.  Beyond that, it is rich with culture (and literally rich - the third richest country in the world), has an endless array of excellent food/restaurant options, and an incredibly supportive and extensive ex-Pat community.  And its location offers the easiest travel options to the most incredibly locations.  Please click here to learn more!