The Needle In A Haystack Litigation Opportunity (Class Of 2015 - 2011)

Most litigation groups are oversubscribed at all levels and, in particular, at the senior level – more than that, most firms prioritize their corporate practices for promotion. It is rare for us to sit down with litigation partners at a profitable litigation-focused law firm who are offering up an opportunity with realistic and probable partnership potential. It is even rarer when those partners are down to earth, interested in having their associates take over client relationships and put a premium on mentorship. Any litigator with 3+ years of strong experience and an interest in representing a broad spectrum of funds clients need to pick up their head for this opportunity. You will have a voice in how the group continues its growth, you will work on a range of interesting and complex matters that will require you to really litigate (motion practice, depositions, etc.) and you will have control over your career. Don’t be complacent and think you will see this opportunity again – find out more about it now. For more information, please click here.