Exciting Opportunity In Unique CMBS/Structured Finance Practice At AmLaw 50 Firm

CMBS, Securitization and CLO associates should be looking to maximize their experience by securing the most varied type of work possible for the widest range of clients, and gaining the most diverse skill set possible, particularly if the goal is to go in-house, but also to enhance professional satisfaction. And you want to do it while practicing with people who prioritize their associates’ development, their client exposure, and their internal and external brand. We recently sat down with partners of our AmLaw 50 law firm client and are convinced they offer all of this – and they do it better than their competitors. It is easy to assume all CMBS, securitization and CLO practices are built the same but if an associate takes a meeting with this team, they will learn quickly how different they actually are. As you consider your career and how to ensure you have attractive options in the future (and a sustainable, satisfying career now), please reach out to hear about this opportunity. For more information, click here.